About Finkelstein Dentists

About Finkelstein Dentists

Dental Education and Informed Dental Decisions

One of my reasons for moving premises to my boutique dental clinic in Chatswood is to move to smaller and more personalised premises.

By moving to smaller premises I want to be able to be more affordable to my patients and still maintain top state-of-the-art dentistry.  By reducing my overheads I want to be able to continue to provide my renowned uncompromised dentistry, at lower prices.
I hope you find my website knowledgeable and that it enables you to make informed dental decisions.  I have taken the time to provide you with a knowledgeable understanding on most dental areas.

I am committed to providing you with optimum dental care in a relaxed environment.  Staying up to date and at the fore front of modern dental techniques is a top priority for me.  I spend a large amount of my afterhours time furthering my education, both in Australia and overseas, so that my patients will always receive the best dental techniques and care available.

As part of my commitment to my patients, I want the patient to feel they are making the right, and informed, decisions.  Please do not hesitate to call me for any questions.
We specialise in a wide range of dental procedures including:

For more information on Cosmetic/General or Emergency dentistry in Chatswood, then call Dr Finkelstein today.