About Finkelstein Dentists

Dr Michael Finkelstein

Dr Michael Finkelstein is a prominent and well known dentist in the Sydney area.  He is dedicated to the well-being of his patients and to ensuring that they receive the optimum dental care available.

Staying up to date and at the forefront of his career is a priority for Michael.  Most of his after hours time is spent at weekend and/or night time lectures.  This is to ensure that his patients always receive the optimum care and reflects the full level of pride in Michael’s dental work.

Michael is pleased to advise his patients that he now works from boutique dental suites in Chatswood.  This move has enabled him to streamline overheads and costs and to provide the same cutting-edge dentistry at much more competitive prices.  He looks forward to providing you with detailed treatment options and state of the art dental solutions at much more economical prices.

Dr Finkelstein has an ever-growing practice with patients travelling from overseas and all around Australia to see him.

Michael’s interests lie in creating a beautiful smile in harmony with the patients’ facial features.   Michael’s philosophy is to “positively change people’s lives daily”. It is always rewarding to be able to help people who have suffered for years.