Zoom Teeth Whitening

Zoom Teeth Whitening can offer you up to 10 to 14 shades lighter in just one hour. Please call 9411 8808 for a consultation to discuss any questions you may have.

In Chair Teeth Whitening procedures used by dentists lightens the whiteness of your teeth by 10 to 14 shades and helps remove stains and discoloration caused by tea, coffee, red wine or other coloured foods.

Your healthy bright smile is the first positive thing that people see when they greet you.  Teeth whitening can improve your confidence, improve job opportunities and your sef-esteem with your social life.

Dental teeth whitening procedures are clinically tested and proven to be one of the safest methods to brighten your teeth.

Many non-professionals provide teeth whitening alternatives, however, only a dentist can provide a professional and safe environment to whiten your teeth with clinically tested products such as Zoom! The Zoom Teeth Whitening products are the top ranked patient-requested professional whitening treatments with over 10 million patients having used these products to whiten their teeth.

Teeth will discolour naturally over time.  During the course of the day a light film develops on your teeth which forms stains and discoloration. The enamel on your teeth contain small pores where these stains then grow and form.  It is important to have your teeth professionally cleaned before your whitening procedure.  This is so you have a clean surface to work on and give you the best whitening result.  Cavities also need to be treated before whitening to avoid sensitivity as the whitening solution can penetrate decay and then reach the inner area of the tooth and cause sensitivity.

We always provide our patients with a Take Home Kit after the In Chair whitening which you can use as a top up to maintain the new whiteness of your teeth.