Neuromuscular Dentistry

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Neuromuscular dentistry is a division of dentistry that measures and assesses the structure and purpose of your facial joints and muscles to determine a structure that is ideal for your wellbeing and contentment. If the nerves, joints and muscles located in your face and jaw are not operating effectively then it is likely that you will suffer from a multitude of symptoms. Many people experience either one or more of these symptoms but are often oblivious to the source of their discomfort. Symptoms that are associated include:

  • dizziness
  • headaches
  • facial aches
  • joint pain in the jaw
  • clicking of the jaw
  • ear aches or blockage
  • tinnitus (ringing of the ears)
  • sensitivity to hot & cold substances
  • clenching or grinding of the jaw
  • partial mouth opening

At our practice, we utilise modern technology to source the cause of your pain and to understand whether or not these symptoms are a result of the improper position of your jaw. Using this technology, we are able to form a number of computerised images of your jaw, aiding us in determining it’s optimal position. We are also able to examine muscle function in its strained and undisturbed positions and we are able to assess if you have any structural disproportion between your jaw and skull. Our dentists will also scrutinise the sound of your jaw joints and possibly conduct x-rays of your jaw in order to distinguish any irregularities. After these tests have been conducted, the dentist will be able to present his findings to you and advise you towards the optimal treatment process for your problems. This treatment differs greatly and ranges from simple alterations of the bite to more intricate jaw reconstructions.

Neuromuscular treatment can include:

Muscle Relaxation

This treatment method uses TENS stimulation and provides a path of successful, drug-free treatment to eliminate discomfort. However, this treatment only offers impermanent pain relief as the overarching problem is not dealt with.Neuromuscular Orthotic – this treatment consists of the repair of your teeth and is associating with renewing your teeth to their ideal operating and aesthetic position.

Neuromuscular Orthodontics

This treatment uses either permanent or non-fixed appliances in order to reposition your teeth and jaw.


This treatment requires the minor re-shaping of your teeth in order to fix your bite. This treatment involves an appliance that is worn and serves as a problem-solving and pain-relieving tool. This technique aids in repositioning your jaw to the optimal position and relieving your symptoms.