Be Proud of Your Mouth

Be Proud of Your Mouth

One of our most defining and essential features is our mouths and our smile. It can express emotion, communicate both verbally and non-verbally and of course is essential for survival by consuming food and water. From our lips, to our teeth, tongue and jaw, our mouth is something we should truly be proud of and take care of.

World Oral Health Day occurs on March 20 which advocates this year to ‘Be Proud of Your Mouth’. We strongly support this drive to increase the awareness of dental hygiene. Apart from the physical health benefits, being proud of your mouth can bring mental health benefits, improving self-confidence and encouraging you to smile more frequently, further improving your mood.

As mask wearing is commonplace during the coronavirus pandemic, despite being an essential measure to prevent virus transmission, it highlights the value your mouth normally provides in communicating your personality to the world.

Oral Health Tips to Remain Mouth Proud

Your mouth deserves protection and being proud about your mouth extends beyond just your teeth. In addition to proper teeth brushing, to be truly mouth proud, we recommend keeping the following areas in check.

Mouth ulcers

Mouth ulcers (also known as Canker Sores) are small often painful lesions that can develop at the base of your gums. These can be caused by a number of factors including acidic foods, stress, mouth injuries or an underlying disease. While most ulcers are minor and last a week or so, more serious or more frequent mouth ulcers should get attention to help identify the cause.

Prevent gum disease

Cleaning your teeth regularly is widely known as good for your teeth. Flossing or using picks in between your teeth to remove food, bacteria and plaque goes a long way to preventing gum disease. Gum disease can develop quickly and have a devastating effect on your overall oral health. As bacteria infects the gum, this can lead to jaw bone decay and eventually loose or even lost teeth.

Rectify old dental work

Fillings, root canals, dental crowns and fixed retainers have all been applied in various ways as dental techniques evolve. This work, no matter the quality, presents a chink in your natural tooth armour and should be checked regularly. Old amalgam filling material contains mercury, which needs to be dealt with carefully. Also, older metallic crowns can develop black lines on the gum line and may need replacing.

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ)

Excessive teeth grinding, a knock to the jaw or increased stress in your daily life are some of the symptoms that can trigger TMJ. TMJ is a misalignment of the jaw which can cause ear, neck and jaw pain along with headaches and even tinnitus. If you have a clicking or popping jaw this could be a sign your TMJ is playing up. Some simple techniques can help relieve the tension in your jaw and realign your TMJ.

Cosmetic dentistry

No matter how much we care for our teeth, stuff happens. We can chip a tooth, they can yellow as we age and get stained with all the good things in life like coffee and red wine (and some bad things like smoking). A range of treatments can restore our teeth to their former brilliance. Teeth whitening treatments, porcelain veneers or a gum lift might contribute to you restoring pride in your mouth.

As we celebrate World Oral Health Day we want all our patients to be extra proud of their mouth. If any of these areas may be causing you to be less mouth proud we encourage you to come in for an appointment.

Dr Finkelstein Dentist Sydney CBD has been making his patients mouth proud for over 20 years. As a holistic dentist, he will ensure all areas of your oral hygiene are properly examined and treated if necessary. Dr Finkelstein commonly deals with TMJ Dysfunction and prides himself on the quality of his cosmetic dentistry procedures.

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