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“Long gone are the days of keeping your teeth in a glass next to the bed!”  Dr Michael Finkelstein, from Finkelstein Dentist at Chatswood, says dental implants and mini implants are a fantastic alternative to traditional dentures or missing teeth. … Continue reading

Today my blog will be about what you eat and how what you eat affects your dental health. It is very interesting that it is not What you eat but rather How Often you eat, that affects the dental health … Continue reading

How Do I Get Rid Of Bad Breath Has anyone ever told you that you have bad breath? There are over 80 million people world wide who suffer symptoms of bad breath, also known as halitosis. The most frequent cause … Continue reading

Why do I have a passion for Dental Implants? It is because I want the optimum health for my patients and Dental Implants give my patients quality of life. Cosmetically they look terrific and a healthy looking smile and medically … Continue reading

Orthodontics are becoming more and more popular amongst my adult patients. I would like my first blog to be about orthodontics because my first patient today is still celebrating having her braces off.  I remember meeting her 3 years ago … Continue reading