Dentist in Crows Nest

Dentist in Crows Nest

If you are concerned about your appearance and your health you need the services of a dedicated and caring dentist, Crows Nest residents have access to Dr Finkelstein Dental at Crows Nest, an established Sydney oral health practitioner who can offer a full range of services for a beautiful and healthy smile.

At the Finkelstein Clinic in Crows Nest, we use modern dental techniques to ensure a fast, pain free procedure. If you are nervous about visiting the dentist, make an appointment with Dr Finkelstein because he understands the importance of choosing the right dentist and he aims to provide top quality dentistry for you. You will be very happy about the way Dr Finkelstein will put you at your ease to prepare for a comfortable dental procedure that will be over before you know it.

We offer a complete range of general dental procedures including fillings, wisdom tooth extractions, fitting of dentures, root canal procedures, dental implants, teeth whitening, orthodontics, invisalign, TMJ and so on. We also focus on preventative dentistry to ensure you take all the right steps towards keeping your teeth in healthy condition.

Dr Finkelstein provides restorative and cosmetic surgery routines to help ensure your smile is the best it can be. For that time when you want a dedicated and caring dentist, Crows Nest residents are invited to contact Dr Finkelstein to make an appointment on 9262 7778.

Dental Implants Crows Nest

If you have missing teeth or teeth you would like replaced, todays ideal solution is dental implants. Crows Nest residents can enquire about modern implant procedures at our Sydney clinic based in Crows Nest.

Implants offer a permanent way to replace missing teeth. They look and feel just like your natural teeth and also help maintain your facial structure and appearance by preventing the loss of bone that occurs when teeth are lost.

Dental Emergency Crows Nest

Experiencing tooth pain, a lost tooth, needing a crown or filling, or bleeding gums can be very distressing so it is reassuring to know you can get fast attention from dedicated dental professionals at Dr Finkelstein. If you experience any kind of dental emergency, Crows Nest residents can call Dr Finkelstein. We take your condition very seriously, and will see you the same day of your call. Get in touch fast if you experience any problems.

When you’re looking for caring and dedicated dentist in Crows Nest, call Dr Finkelstein on 9262 7778 for dedicated professional advice and to schedule an appointment.