Emergency Dentist Sydney

Emergency Dentist Sydney

No matter how well you strive to keep your teeth and mouth in good condition, the unforeseen can occur. For those times you need an emergency dentist. Sydney’s Dr Finkelstein Dental at Chatswood can handle all kinds of dental conditions.

If you have cracked a tooth, have an abscess developing, or are suffering dental pain, gum bleeding, or discomfort of any kind, or your face is sore and swollen, immediately contact Dr Finkelstein so we can arrange to take care of your tooth problem as soon as possible.

Tooth Pain

This is the most common reason for a dental emergency and it can have many causes. Toothache can result from cavities, leaking or loose fillings, broken teeth, abscesses, wisdom teeth, denture difficulties and temporomandibular joint problem (TMJ).

Pain is a symptom of some underlying problems so get in touch with us fast if you experience it. Dr Finkelstein will be able to identify the cause and fix the problem fast before it develops into a serious condition.

If you suffer from a cracked or broken tooth, avoid eating and get in touch with Dr Finkelstein immediately. Any bleeding in the mouth may require immediate treatment.

Lost Tooth, Fillings or Crown

If one or more of your teeth are knocked out while playing sports or in an accident, contact Dr Finkelstein at once. Try and keep your lost tooth, preferably in pure water or milk and avoid touching the root. This increases the chances that the tooth can be re-fitted.

If a filling comes loose, contact your dentist immediately to have a temporary one fitted and schedule an appointment to replace it. For loose crowns, keep the crown safe and contact your emergency dentist, Sydney.

Swollen Face

The most common cause of a swollen face is an infection. To relieve your discomfort and prevent the infection from spreading, get in touch with an emergency dentist. Sydney-based Dr Finkelstein can take care of you

Temporomandibular TMJ Joint Problem (TMJ).

This is caused by a malocclusion or incorrect bite and the symptoms are usually headache and a pain around the jaw, face or neck. If the pain is severe, contact Dr Finkelstein immediately.

If you’re in pain and need an emergency dentist in the Sydney area, call Dr Finkelstein on 9262 7778. Whatever my schedule, I will make the time to see you that same day.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

Dr Michael Finkelstein BDS