Our Holistic Approach

We take your overall long-term health into consideration with every treatment.

What is holistic dentistry?

Holistic dentistry provides treatment which considers the overall and long-term health and well-being of a patient rather than just treat the specific condition. 

It also examines health symptoms in other parts of the body which can be treated by addressing conditions originating in the mouth or jaw.

A rock cairn on the sea shore to represent holistic dentistry

Our approach to holistic dentistry

We are very much focused on your overall health and well-being. Each dental treatment considers your age, health, lifestyle and other personal factors to determine the most appropriate treatment to improve success.

We constantly research better dental techniques to be able to offer alternative treatments to suit your individual circumstances. We take the time to explain the benefits and considerations of any treatment prior to proceeding and of course answer any questions you have.

Some common treatments and conditions which are often associated with holistic dentistry include:

  • Amalgam (mercury-alloy) Filling Removal - mercury alloy has previously been used as a tooth filling material. If amalgam fillings need removal this needs to be done safely to prevent the release of toxins.
  • Sleep Apnea - when breathing is blocked for dangerous periods during sleep. Dental devices can help keep airways open during sleep to reduce sleep apnea impacts.
  • TMJ Dysfunction - jaw, ear, neck or shoulder pain, along with persistent headaches and even tinnitus can be attributed to Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) dysfunction.
If you wish to discuss any aspect of holistic dentistry during your appointment or treatment Dr Finkelstein will happily answer all your questions.

Dental treatment delivered holistically.

Dr Finkelstein will take your overal health and well being into account at every appointment.

The Finkelstein Files

Sonomed Mandibular Advancement Device
Holistic Dentistry
Dr Michael Finkelstein

A Silent Solution for Sleep Apnea

Did you know dentists can diagnose and treat snoring and sleep apnea? Using a dental device may avoid the need for a noisy and uncomfortable CPAP machine.

tmj specialist sydney
Holistic Dentistry
Dr Michael Finkelstein

TMJ Dysfunction – Your Questions Answered

TMJ Dysfunction can cause jaw, neck and back pain, headaches and also tinnitus. Learn more about TMJ Dysfunction and treatment with these simple FAQ’s.

Coronavirus tips
General Health
Dr Michael Finkelstein

Coronavirus and Your Oral Health

Don’t let the Coronavirus (COVID-19) compromise your oral health routine. It may just be what saves you.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks.  Dr Finkelstein will explain these to you carefully at the time of your consultation as well as address any questions you may have.  We also recommend before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.