Netflix & Drill?

Binging on TV streaming services, otherwise known as Netflix & chill, is associated with a well-earned downtime and escape from daily life. Which is why, when designing our new dental practice, we wanted to create a near to equal experience for patients.

We have always gone to great lengths to reduce dental anxiety and create a dental experience that patients really look forward to. So much so, you could refer to the experience at our new clinic as ‘Netflix & drill!”

Dental anxiety is a huge contributor to people avoiding dental treatment, leading to poor oral health. We see our role to create a relaxed and welcoming environment being as important as our dental procedures.

Getting to our new practice

Culwalla Chambers

We are now located in Culwalla Chambers, positioned on Level 3 at 67 Castlereagh St. This is on the corner of King St just above Dior. This is in prime position for city workers to escape the hustle and bustle and have a timeout while Dr Finkelstein works his magic. 

If you’re coming from out of town, we are only 3 minutes walk from two major train stations and only a block from Pitt St Mall. Why not add some retail therapy to your next dental visit?!

Relax in reception

Our waiting area has been designed to take your mind off your pending dental work. You’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve stepped into a prohibition-style whisky bar. The exposed brick walls give it that bootlegger feel. And, the eclectic artworks reveal extra details the more you stare at them. Plus, you’ll enjoy the usual banter with our jovial reception staff while we get the treatment room all prepped.

Chilling in the chair

If you’re known for sinking your clenched fingers into the dental chair, then our treatment rooms are where we’ve spared no expense to keep you calm and relaxed. Yes, you can actually stream Netflix into the patients screens, so let us know in advance and we’ll cue up your favourite series or show!

If music is more your thing, then you’re welcome to pop in your earphones. And, if history and architecture is more to your liking, then know that you’ll be overlooking the heritage-listed Trust Building for the duration of your appointment. Built in 1914, in the Interwar Commercial Palazzo style, it is one of only a few remaining and commercially operating buildings from the Edwardian period. See, you’ve forgotten you’re at the dentist already!

Dr Finkelstein - Sydney’s friendliest Dentist

If you’re a regular patient of Dr Finkelstein, then you’ll know his extraordinary attention to detail to give you your best smile. His easy communication style provides confidence that  you are in a very safe pair of hands. Dr Finkelstein is always up with the latest in dental technology and treatment methods and takes great pride in his work, particularly cosmetic procedures.

Dr Finkelstein new clinic

We have invested a lot of time and effort into our new clinic, yet you can still be assured of our commitment to your oral health with the same friendly service and prices. We always do everything to make our patients relaxed. So, if you have anything extra you need to create a ‘Netflix & chill’ experience, please let us know. 

Dr Finkelstein Sydney

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