The Finkelstein Choice

Why Choose Dr Michael Finkelstein?

The answer is in his attention to detail and his commitment to dental excellence and uncompromised quality …

My Aim is to create for you a healthy long-lasting smile.  My treatment plans for any work that you may need will always be to provide you with an attractive, serviceable and well performing long-lasting smile.  I consider that “Health” is as important as “Beauty”.  Thus, your oral hygiene and general health will never be compromised for the enhacing beauty of your smile.  When considering the beauty of your smile, I take into consideration your facial characteristics, the line of your smile, jaw line as well as the placement of your present teeth and gums.

I am passionate about the dental service that I provide my patients.  I keep abreast with the latest cutting-edge techniques and am always at the forefront in my field.  I specifically appreciate the importance of providing the utmost care and superior quality workmanship in the fields of General, Preventative, Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry.