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Top 10 Tips Toward Dental Perfection

There are many dental procedures out there to restore teeth and give you the confidence to smile freely. The biggest contributor to your dental hygenie, health and a bright white smile is yourself. So, let’s run though my top 10 Tips toward dental perfection.

1. Visit a Dentist every 6 months

Visit a dentist for regular six-month dental check-ups and cleaning to remove plaque and staining.

2. Brush your teeth properly

Ask your dentist to show you how to brush your teeth properly. Poor technique and over-brushing can lead to tooth abrasion and wear of the gums. Remember to brush all three sides of your teeth and rotate your brush gently in small circular motions.

3. Don't leave dental issues untreated

See your dentist before problems occur. Many people don’t realise that childhood fillings require maintenance; by focusing on preventative dentistry you may avoid needing replacement fillings or even implants.

4. Flouride and Floss

Use a fluoride mouthwash and floss daily to help remove plaque and prevent decay starting between the teeth.

5. Clean your teeth at the right time, twice a day

Brush your teeth twice a day, first in the morning after breakfast and again at night before you go to bed.

6. Rinse with water after eating, not after brushing

Always rinse your mouth out with water after eating. Drink lots of water in general, however avoid rinsing your mouth after brushing, this washes away the essential fluoride needed to protect your teeth.

7. Clean your tongue

Use a tongue cleaner to prevent bacteria from accumulating on your tongue and creating bad breath.

8. Don't rely on teeth-whitening treatments

Teeth whitening treatments are not a quick fix for your teeth. Only proper dental care can ensure the long-term health and appearance for your smile.

9. Chew sugar-free gum

Chew sugar-free gum to help stimulate saliva which neutralises the high acid levels in the mouth caused by food and drink and helps to protect tooth enamel.

10. Drink milk

Milk contains calcium which is good for bone density and strength. By keeping a positive ‘bone bank’ you will avoid bone decay in the teeth and jamwbone.

If you follow these ten tips you will go a long way to avoiding serious dental work into the future. Regular visits to a dentist will however ensure you stay on top of any issues and, in the end, reduce your overall time in the dentist’s chair. To book your next dental check-up and professional clean call us on (02) 9262 7778 or book an appointment online.

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