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Top 5 Health Benefits of Straighter Teeth

A perfectly straight set of pearly white teeth is a goal worth setting. Apart from the cosmetic and self-confidence aspects, the health benefits cannot be overlooked. Many of us battled braces as kids and a growing number of adults are pulling their teeth into line through the more modern and invisible brace, Invisalign.

The biggest benefit of straight teeth for most people is a better-looking smile. Yet, the health benefits of straight teeth go much further than this. Teeth perform a very functional role in digestion, speech and keeping our jaw on the straight and narrow.

The health benefits of straighter teeth include:

1. Better digestion

Your teeth form the first critical step in the digestion process. Misaligned teeth are unable to process food as effectively. Poorly chewed food not only makes the stomach and intestines work harder it can limit the release of key nutrients. This is also why you should chew your food properly even if your teeth are straight!

2. Clearer speech

Teeth form a major role in the formation of sounds essential for clear speech. Getting straighter teeth will improve elocution and can help in many aspects of your life that requires clear communication.

3. Cleaner, stronger teeth

Cleaning crooked teeth is simply more difficult than straight teeth. Brushing and flossing can often miss particular crevices or edges which may not be accessible in the standard brushing technique. The build-up of plaque in these inaccessible areas leads to decay and gum disease if not closely monitored.

Similarly, straight teeth deal with the force of your bite better. Crooked teeth place undue pressure on teeth structures adding to excessive wear and tear requiring future dental work.

4. Reduced risk of TMJ Pain & Dysfunction

The process of straightening teeth often corrects cases of overbite, underbite or even a cross-bite. These abnormalities in the jaw are a key contributor to TemporoMandibular Joint (TMJ) Dysfunction. TMJ Dysfunction is when the joint where the jawbone meets the skull does not function properly and can lead to a clicking jaw, headaches, ear pain, jaw pain, neck pain and even tinnitus (ringing in the ear). 

Correcting your bite can reduce TMJ pain as the teeth meet in a relaxed manner. This prevent the jaw joint locking and causing pain on clenching if your teeth are out of alignment.  Making sure your teeth are straight and in proper alignment are one of the most important aspects taken into account when dentists treat TMJ pain in their patients.

5. Improved mental health

Striving for straight teeth should not be seen as an exercise in vanity. The self-confidence that comes with being able to smile freely is immeasurable. Smiling makes us feel better and suppressing that feeling leads to a deterioration in mental health.

Getting to straighter teeth faster

Invisalign is a proven method of straightening teeth without anyone noticing. Clear dental aligners progressively straighten teeth in as little as 6 months in some cases. So if you are looking to improve your smile, self-confidence and oral health, Invisalign is the modern way to get to your goal faster.

Straighten your teeth in Sydney

Dr Finkelstein Dentist can recommend the options to get your teeth straightened. After a short consultation you’ll soon know how your teeth could look and see if Invisalign is matched to your teeth straightening goals. You can also now be certain that you’ll be doing wonders for your health as well as you smile.

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