Wisdom Teeth Removal

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What do we mean by Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Most people possess three permanent molars, which progressively develop in each quadrant of the mouth – upper, lower, right and left. Ultimately, wisdom teeth are your third molars. The beginning stages of development for molars occur at approximately six years of age.  These are your first set of molars. At the age of twelve, you develop your second molars. Finally, by the time you reach age eighteen to twenty, your third molars attempt their development. The nickname ‘wisdom teeth’ evolved from the idea that ‘wisdom’ comes with age. Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to develop in our mouths and are just as useful as our other teeth if developed properly with a healthy gum tissue surrounding them.

When are Wisdom Teeth Impacted?

The term ‘impaction’ refers to when a person’s wisdom teeth are unable to erupt properly in their mouth. However, not all teeth that have failed to erupt are impacted, as it may be a result of immature dental development. Given enough time, the teeth may evolve properly. In order to determine if your teeth are impacted or not, the dentist will carefully examine your mouth, as well as a series of x-rays. Infection, gum disease and the formation of a cyst or tumor from the follicle are just a few problems that may occur as a result of impacted teeth. Therefore, in many cases, dentists recommend the removal of impacted teeth to ensure the elimination of future concern.

Erupted Wisdom Teeth

If a tooth is non-functional, disrupting a person’s bite, badly rotten, involved with or at risk for periodontal disease, the dentist may suggest the removal of the erupted wisdom teeth. Dentists strongly consider each case on an individual basis, as everyone is different and requires unique intervention.

When should Wisdom Teeth be taken out?

Early wisdom teeth removal is most effective as it helps prevent problems, such as an impacted tooth destroying a second molar. Therefore, dentists generally suggest that wisdom teeth be removed when the roots are three-forth’s developed, which usually occurs in one’s adolescent years. Dentists strive to prevent third molar impaction, as it is the most common medical developmental disorder.

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