Invisalign Braces in Sydney CBD and Chatswood

Invisalign Braces are a subtle alternative to braces when trying to improve the alignment of your teeth from Dr. Finkelstein Dentist. Dr FInkelstein is located in Sydney CBD and Chatswood

Some people, specifically adults, are hesitant to improve the alignment of their teeth due to the noticeable aesthetic of braces. Invisalign is a popular correction option that can provide the fast teeth straightening results without the use of metal – and most notably, it is almost undetectable to the human eye. Invisalign is an extremely effective method of teeth-straightening and has transformed modern orthodontics.

These clean dental brace option is commonly used to correct:

Gaps between teeth

This dental problem can occur due to missing teeth or because of an irregular growth of the jaw.

Cross bite

This can happen when one or more of a person’s upper teeth bite inside the lower teeth. This can result in serious dental issues such as gum disease, abnormal teeth wear, possibly an erosion of the bone.

Overcrowding of teeth

Overcrowding of the teeth occurs when there is not enough space in the mouth to accommodate for the teeth to straighten naturally. This has consequences of potential tooth decay and an increased chance of gum disease.


When a person’s upper teeth extend further than their lower teeth – possibly concealing them.


When a peron’s lower teeth extend further than their lower teeth – possible concealing them.

Underbites and overbites can result in possible TMJ and jaw aches.

Invisalign can correct the same dental problems that traditional braces fix.

What does Invisalign Treatment Entail?

Invisalign treatment entails multiple custom made and custom fitted aligning trays that are slightly altered every few weeks by Dr. Finkelstein to adapt your teeth slowly and properly to the desired tooth configuration. A very appealing attribute of Invisalign treatment is that the trays can be removed temporarily at any time for special occasions or events.

Invisalign vs other traditional Orthodontics (Braces & Veneers)

The most common methods of teeth adjusting includes braces, dental veneers, and Invisalign. These three options should be taken into consideration and by discussing your needs with Dr. Finkelstein – the ideal options can be chosen for you.
Invisalign requires more dedication from the patient as it is their responsibility to ensure that the tray is properly used between visits with Dr. Finkelstein.
Invisalign, like braces, aims to properly correct a person’s teeth, where as veneers are a thin layer of material permanently placed over teeth – covering the aesthetic problem not correcting. Veneers are susceptible to damage and usually do not last more than 20 years. Additionally, veneers are quite expensive.
The biggest advantage of Invisalign over braces. is the aesthetics of the method – meaning it is almost invisible to the naked eye.

The Invisalign Treatment Plan

When commencing your treatment with Invisalign, 3D images of the patient’s jaw will be taken to provide a comprehensive view to create a plan of action. These digital images also allow Dr. Finkelstein to predict the result of the treatment by moving the teeth on the image around and displaying changes to the face and jaw line over years.
With this information, the clear trays can be made. Although treatment is unique to each patient, generally 20 – 29 trays are used per arch throughout the whole treatment.

When wearing Invisalign trays

Although initial adjustment is needed, Invisalign is known for being extremely comfortable to wear. Constant wear of the tray is required – with exceptions only for when consuming food and drink (including water), to ensure that no substances get trapped between the teeth and the tray. This can result in tooth decay. Appointments with Dr. Finkelstein will need to occur approximately every two weeks. The difference in your tooth structure will be visible to the naked eye between appointments
In his general dentistry practice in Chatswood and Sydney CBD, Dr Finkelstein provides Invisalign dental treatment and has a loyal client base.

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Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks.  Dr Finkelstein will explain these to you carefully at the time of your consultation as well as address any questions you may have.  We also recommend before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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