Bone Grafting

Dental Implants have been a significant innovation in dental health – freeing patients from the inconvenience and discomfort of dentures. However, in the past, people with insufficiency in bone quantity and quality have been unable to receive dental implants. Sydney dentist Dr Finkelstein offers a series of Bone Grafting procedures that enable patients to receive the benefits of dental implants.

What is Bone Grafting?

Bone Grafting encourages bone growth and builds a supportive and stable base for dental implants. Bone Grafting can:

  • Increase bone volume
  • Improve bone quality
  • Replenish missing bone

What are different types of Bone Grafting?

The materials used for bone grafting vary according to the patients differing circumstances. Sydney dentist Dr Finkelstein will assess the right type of bone grafting according to your needs. The main types of bone grafting are:

  • Autograft – Taking the bone from within the patients body – such as the hip or jaw
  • Allograft – Taking the bone from another individual, such as a family member
  • Alloplast – Using a synthetic material for the bone graft.

Special types of Bone Grafting

Sydney dentist Dr Finkelstein will determine if a special type of bone grafting is appropriate for your needs.

Sinus lift graft – When bone deterioration happens between the upper jaw and the sinuses, a distinct type of bone grafting may have to be performed before dental implants are inserted. The sinuses will be elevated and bone will be inserted into the floor of the sinuses. This will ensure a strong base for dental implants along the upper jaw.

Ridge Expansion – A ridge expansion to increase the height or width of the jaw may need to be performed if the jaw is not wide enough to accommodate dental implants.

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