Dr Finkelstein showing Dental implants

Why Choose Dental Implants?

Dental implants and mini implants are a fantastic alternative to traditional dentures or missing teeth.

“Long gone are the days of keeping your teeth in a glass next to the bed!”  

What are dental implants?

They are permanent tooth replacements that look and function like natural healthy strong teeth.  There are several options, including single tooth implants, multiple tooth implants, full upper teeth implants or full lower teeth implants.

What are the benefits of Dental Implants?

  1. Dental Implants are more comfortable than dentures
  2. Dental Implants improve your appearance.
  3. Dentures can cause an aging look as your jawbone can shrink if there are no embedded teeth. Dental Implants preserve your jaw bone not allowing any shrinkage retaining a younger and healthier look.
  4. With Dental Implants, you can eat solid foods like apples or red meat where you may have problems doing this with dentures or bridges.  Therefore, implants enable a healthier life eating healthier foods.
  5. Implants improve Oral Health.  You no longer need to destroy surrounding teeth for bridges also implants allow easier access between teeth for flossing, thus improving oral hygiene.
  6. Dental Implants improve speech and thus confidence as dentures can slip in the mouth while talking sometimes causing mumbling.  Implants are as solid as healthy teeth and you do not have this problem when speaking.
  7. Dental Implants are up to 90% successful and if properly looked after, last a lifetime.

Who qualifies for dental implants?

Dental Implants are for people who have dentures, which can be uncomfortable and irritating, especially lower dentures that might be loose or rub on the bone. Irritating and Uncomfortable dentures can deeply affect quality of life, speech and even health because it is hard to chew solid foods with dentures.

Dental Implants are very popular with people who have a missing tooth or missing teeth or for people who want to replace dentures or bridges.

Even if you are not a candidate for Implants because of low bone density, you may be a candidate for Mini Dental Implants or Teeth On 4 Implants

What’s the difference between implants and mini implants?

Mini Dental Implants are for people who do not have a lot of bone, so traditional implants cannot be placed. A lot of seniors who have false teeth may have lost a lot of bone so the mini implants may be an alternative to traditional implants. Mini Dental Implants are also a cheaper alternative and are worth asking about.

Dr Finkelstein Dentist, your home for dental implants

I have had 27 years’ worth of experience fitting implants, so if I didn’t know what I was doing now I’d be in trouble! I create and maintain healthy smiles and mouths for all ages and have a special interest in implant dentistry. Contact my team on (02) 9272 7778 or book an appointment online to begin your journey to a healthy, natural smile

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