Dr Finkelstein holding Dental implants model

Why I am Passionate About Dental Implants

It is because I want the optimum health for my patients that I recommend dental implants. Dental Implants give my patients quality of life. Cosmetically they look terrific and provide a healthy, natural looking smile. Medically, my patients will have a replacement tooth or teeth that is even more secure than their original tooth.

Dental Implants are the actual replacement of the root or roots of the teeth. The Dental Implant is like a screw that is secured in the jawbone and is not visible at all, it is under the gum line. The dental crown is then placed on top and over the dental Implant, this is the visible part of the tooth. 

Essentially, a Dental Implants is the device that supports dental crowns, bridges or dentures. Most of the time Dental Implants feel more natural and secure than many other methods of replacing missing teeth such as dentures. The dental implant is made of titanium which is both light in weight, but very strong. A dental Implant is often ultimately, more secure than an original tooth.

More important than anything, dental implants make you feel more self-confident. They are much more secure than dentures or dental bridges and none of the surrounding teeth are affected. 

If you have a missing tooth and you do not immediately replace it, the jaw bone can start to dissolve in this area and even shrink. A dental implant keeps the jaw bone strong and retains the original shape of the mouth and jawbone.

Tooth loss can influence how you look and feel. It has a big impact on what foods you can eat and therefore ultimately your general health and well being. Tooth loss can affect your bite and the way your teeth come together. This is very important because movement in your bite can cause problems with your jaw alignment and can lead to TMJ and clicking jaw.
Loosing teeth or missing teeth can affect your speech and self confidence.

All of these reasons are why I am so happy to be able to improve the lives and the health of my patients with dental implants. Find out more about our dental implant treatment.

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