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Your Guide to Cosmetic Dentistry

Not happy with the appearance of your teeth? Does it limit your self-confidence? Does it prevent you from smiling freely? A healthy set of teeth could truly be seen as a very functional fashion accessory. Not only will a good set of teeth help you eat the foods you need for your physical health, having confidence to flash a smile when you feel like it can also impact your mental health.

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry relates to techniques used to restore damaged or missing teeth. This improves form and function of your teeth and overall dental health. Dental health is closely connected to our overall health given that our teeth are vital in processing the food we eat. Cosmetic dentistry may seem superficial, however having a set of teeth you are proud of cannot be undervalued.

What can cosmetic dentistry fix?

There are a number of techniques to help with improving your teeth appearance. Knowing what procedure is needed can often be confusing. It also takes skill as a dentist to create a finish that looks, feels and functions just the way you want it. Here is your guide to the range of cosmetic dentistry procedures you are likely to ever need.

Whiten dull, yellow or stained teeth

Teeth naturally discolour over time. The enamel on your teeth contain small pores which slowly absorb what we put in our mouth. Red wine, coffee and smoking being the main culprits. Teeth whitening treatment can restore teeth to a bright white appearance. A prescription gel called Opulesence, applied at home using whitening teeth trays, is our recommended treatment which can also be repeated if needed.​

Repair broken or malformed teeth

If you have chipped, broken or malformed teeth then porcelain veneers might be the answer. Porcelain veneers can create a radical transformation in the look of your teeth. These veneers are applied over your affected teeth creating a perfect natural look. Veneers are custom designed to match your regular teeth and it pays to find an experienced dentist to create the most natural look possible.

Straighten crooked teeth

Crooked but otherwise healthy teeth can be straightened in a number of ways. Clear retainers like Invisalign can progressively straighten teeth discreetly. A series of custom-made retainers are created which are designed for each stage of your teeth straightening journey. Traditionally, metal, ceramic or lingual braces have been used to straighten teeth and are used in children where products like Invisalign may not be suitable.

Fix severely damaged teeth

If the top of the tooth that can be seen above the gum line (crown) is severely damaged, then a replacement dental crown can be applied restoring the tooth to its former glory. This is a very common procedure and restores a damaged tooth which still has a healthy root. Crowns look and feel natural and can last a lifetime.

Replace missing teeth

If a tooth has been knocked out or the root has been damaged beyond repair, it will result in a missing tooth. Missing teeth can quickly result in other teeth moving out of alignment and puts more pressure on surrounding teeth to perform. Dental implants replace a missing tooth or teeth. The implant is placed in the jawbone and a porcelain crown is placed on top above the gumline to resemble and function like a normal, natural tooth.​

Fix a 'gummy' smile

Some people have a naturally gummy smile. This may not be visually appealing to some people and it can also cause dental health issues below the gum line. Teeth lengthening creates the appearance of your teeth being longer by pushing the gums back to a more normal position.

Remove a black line under old crowns

A black line can appear underneath old dental crowns which have used what is now outdated, metallic base. The black line occurs when the porcelain wears down over time. Getting the black line removed on crowns is effectively the same as getting a replacement crown. But a modern crown does not use a metallic base so it will never have a black line appear.

Cosmetic dentistry is a very common and necessary part of the dentistry world. It performs a dual purpose of making you look and feel good about your teeth and be able to process the foods you love and those foods necessary for your long term health. Finding a dentist who is a perfectionist is a good idea when it comes to cosmetic dentistry.

I pride myself on the cosmetic dentistry procedures I perform. I find it a rewarding personal challenge to restore my patient’s teeth to a standard they may have never had before. All my treatments take the long-term health of my patients into consideration so that healthy teeth are not unnecessarily damaged for purely cosmetic reasons. Please contact our team so I can explain your cosmetic surgery options to give you a functional smile you are proud of.

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